Time is moving way too quickly unless you are at the dentist. And yet life is long and we get to be many different people throughout our lifespan. We find ourselves in all kinds of places and situations. Sometimes we are amazed and amused, and sometimes we are cringing with pain, but it all goes away and the next thing comes in.

What I attempt to do with my paintings is to capture the moment, to create a trace of how I feel or felt about something before it will sink to the bottom of the endless pit of other semi-memories. When I choose my subject matters, I am asking myself if it’s important enough for me to sustain many hours of working with it. Is it interesting enough, sexy enough, horrible enough, and average enough, because for the sometime I am going to be in very close relationship with this painting and that will be live a trace with me and become part of me?

I mostly start paining from photos, but then I abandon them and let the painting inform me. I always wait for the moment when painting has enough of moments, almost accidents that become the event, the happening in itself and are not in the original photograph. I become very careful around them, not that they have to stay till the end of the paintings, but it’s important to see them, listen to their messages.

I am not always a joyful person, sometimes my family and friends relate to me as an Eeyore type character, but sometimes I feel so much joy and hope that I feel a strong need to capture it and maybe even share it with other people.